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The Yatil Mountains is the name of a great mountain range that are nearly impassable for many leagues west and south of Lake Quag and only a small number of passes (usually heavily monitored and defended) exist.

Numerous orcs, ogres, giants, trolls, and bestial monsters dwell within the mountains, even dragons, making the region very dangerous. The Yatils are quite rich in ore deposits and gems. Miners (especially dwarves) are often aided in their work by strange tunneling creatures. It is believed that a lost dwarven kingdom lies somewhere in the northern Yatils.

The Yatils have become the place of legendary stories about "lost magical treasure", most of which are unreliable. In Perrenland, legends tell of the legendary Kóndkannen – the Pots of Knowledge, that are hidden in some remote location in the mountains. Some tales, however, are disturbing for their mention of ancient lairs of evil. The terrible witch Iggwilv has her personal domain in the Yatil Mountains, called The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, from where she launched her terrible attack on Perrenland and enslaved her people for a time.

A difficult pass through the Yatils links Perrenland and Ket, known as the Wyrm's Tail Pass.

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