Wyndplaatz is a settlement located in the nation of Perrenland in the Canton of Hugelrote.

Wyndplaatz is a Rosrijder stadts, and unique in that it is carved out of a hill, the southernmost outlier of the Mounds of Dawn. From their watch tower on top of the hill the Wyndanzen lookouts keep a watch day and night over the southern edge of the Mounds, ever alert for any incursion onto the plains of Hugelrote’s monsters.

Wyndplaatz is old Ur-Flanne site, fully fortified, with a rammed earth and stone wall circling the base of the hill, and a dry, steep, and deep, ditch outside this. The only access to the stadt is across a bridge over the ditch and through a fortified gate house. Wyndplaatz acts as a bulwark for the rest of the Wyndanzen stadts, which fan out to the south behind it, and is the centre of an efficient network of warning beacons which link all the stadts and summer campsites. If Wyndplaatz lights its beacon the Wyndanzens down tools and come fast, to turn back any threat before it gets out onto the Feronwold.