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The World of Greyhawk campaign setting (also simply called Greyhawk is the original full setting created for Dungeons & Dragons. Greyhawk was created by Gary Gygax.

First edition[]

World of Greyhawk first edition Logo

Greyhawk was used as the presumed setting for many adventures and supplements in AD&D's first edition.

Second edition[]

Third edition[]

Greyhawk second edition Logo

Greyhawk was the "core world" setting for third edition, with its core rulebooks detailing Oerth's deities, and many references to Oerth characters and geography. A comprehensive Gazetteer was published detailing the world under the banner of "Living Greyhawk"—a collaborative version of the world played together by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Fourth edition[]

Greyhawk appeared less in fourth edition, largely in articles in Dragon, usually regarding the history of various adventures or events.

Fifth edition[]

Greyhawk later appears in fifth edition: first being mentioned in the Player's Handbook, and many classic adventures from 1st Edition were reprinted, adapted to 5th Edition rules, and collected in Tales from the Yawning Portal and Ghosts of Saltmarsh. There have been expanded histories, factions, and backgrounds, especially in Ghosts of Saltmarsh.