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Willenheim is a fishing town located on the western coast of Lake Quag at the mouth of the Vestflow River in Perrenland.


The town is situated in the Canton of Nederboden in the nation of Perrenland. It has a population of approximately 3100 people.


This thriving community also acts as the trading centre for all the river traffic coming downriver from Hohle. Being virtually the halfway point between Huglerote and Nederquag gives it the added bonus of being a way station for caravans and ships travelling along the coast to each of these destinations.

Politics in Willenheim

Currently there is a level of rivalry between the Vestmeer trading cartel in Naderquag and the fledgling Vuurzward trade guild in Willenheim. The Vestmeer traders deny any such thing especially with an insignificant guild especially a Vuurzward one.