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Clan Weisspeer is a tribe in the nation of Perrenland.

The Weisspeer's are a people of mostly mixed ethnicity, with Flan bloodlines being slightly dominate.

Clan Weisspeer

Flan customs dominate however, and was adopted by newcomers. Most Weisspeer's live in the Canton of Krestible, although a fair number live in Schwartzenbruin (both the Canton and the city itself). There are roughly 40,000 members of the clan.

Weisspeer people tend to be group orientated, meaning they focus upon the clan and family first and the individual second. This is reflected on the battlefield in their famous phalanx manouvres, where rows of spearmen form deadly units on the field. As a result, Weisspeer's tend to be patriotic and community based.

The main claim to fame for clan Weisspeer are their supurb mounts, the Weisspeer Warponies. These animals are well suited for the rugged hills around Krestible, although they lack the swiftness of the Rosrijder horses. This has led to a friendly rivalry between the two clans.

Clan colours are Red and White.


The clan as a distinct entity is relatively new, and was originally a disparate collection of minor families in the Krestible region. The area had long been a buffer zone between powerful groups and the arrival of Oeridian refugees blurred the lines even further.

During Iggwilv's invasion the most populous clan was the Wijs clan. The Wijs were split in two camps, those that wanted to resist the Witch Queen and those who preferred to acquiesce in the hopes of fewer deprivations. Those that fought became known as the Wijs Spears and they were joined by other rebellious groups throughout the hill lands. When the war ended it was apparent that the Wijs Spears were now more numerous than their Wijs counterparts and had forged new bonds with outside groups. They separated from the Wijs and forged their own clan proper.

Notable septs (sub-clans)

  • Five Forges
  • Hitdrijver
  • Honderdwiel
  • Kleistad
  • Nachtkrijsen
  • Rosmann
  • Reusje
  • Wijs

Foreign Relations

Clan Weisspeer is on friendly terms with the clans of Rosridjer, Vosser and Meerijder (Vestmeer). They are cordial with most others although they find the Roodberg's arrogant and off-putting.

The Hussen's and Weispeer's are currently in dispute, although this is a new issue. Relationships began to sour a decade ago following the breakdown of the betrothal between Hasten Weisspeer and Karla Hussen. Following Franz Hussen's disasterous leadership as Voormann, seen as a smear campaign by many Hussen's, orchestrated by the usurping Karenin Weisspeer, tensions have begun to boil. Krestible is a tense city at the moment.

Notable members

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