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The Vuurzward is a clan in the nation of Perrenland. They do not identify themselves as Laaglander or Hooglanders (lowlanders or highlanders) but tend to be wanderers.

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The Vuurzwards are a widely dispersed Clan with Oeridian, Flan and Baklunish ancestry. They are mostly found in the Cantons of Huglerote, Nederboden, Schwartzenbruin and Krestible. In Perrenland, they are seen as militaristic and mercenary, sometimes fighting for other clans if the pay is right. A large number of Vuurzward are members of mercenary bands, prompting some to see them as sell-swords. This is far from the truth. Being a mercenary is usually a family tradition for a Vuurzward and in such a cases the band would be their "home".

They have no particular alliances with any other clan and are usually indifferent to the usual rivalry of other clans. However, they have something of a poor reputation for being disloyal, a stereotype that is rather unfair.

Their loyalty goes to their home settlement and to the Voormann, since the creation of the office in the time of Perren has led to them dominating the ranks of the Auszug (Perrenland’s standing army). The Voormannsgardt is drawn almost exclusively from the Vuurzward clan.

Vuurzward colours are red and black.

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