The vosserkatz is a legendary animal of the rugged upland of Perrenland.

The animal has, since ancient days, been associated in totemic form with the Flan people of the region. Regardless, the legend attributed to the creature hints at a dualism, as the vosserkatz is seen as being both a protector and harbinger of trouble.

Moreso than any other peoples of Perrenland, the Vosser clan attributes some magical nature to the Vosserkatz, although no evidence of this has ever been found. However, it does possess a surprisingly intellect (for an animal) and tends to resist all calls to friendship with a human unless it is called by an individual with Vosser heritage. For their part, the Vosser clan holds the animal as sacred and a member who can take one as a familiar or companion is held in the highest esteem by fellow clan members.

According to legends, that may be based in fact, a litter of vosserkatz is very occasionally born with magical abilities, an aberration from the otherwise mundane nature that captured specimens display. Vosser legends portray the birth of such a litter as a dire portent for the clan. To harm a vosserkatz is to earn the ire of the any Vossers. The hunting and killing of vosserkatz is said to be the main cause of continued tensions between the Vosser clan and the Roodberg clan, who prize the pelt for its camouflage ability.