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Clan Vosser is a tribe of people in southeastern Perrenland. They are of Flan descent and strongly consider themselves as a highlanders peoples.


The Vossers have guarded the Velverdyva River pass for centuries and their fortified capital of Koetheim has been a traditional place of resistance, holding out both the Aerdi invaders of 97 CY and the attacks from Iggwilv in the 480s. As such, they are a proud and resilient people, well known for their swift and determined retributions. Even so, Vossers tend to have a tolerant, live-and-let-live, attitude to others. Indeed, the Vosser Clan's accepting attitude is reflected in the high proportion of non-humans (most notably elves) who are members. While Koetheim is the captial, the heart of the Vosser clan is Fort Vosserkatz, the home of the Voorstammann.

A rivalry with the Roodberg clan has persisted for centuries, ever since the Aerdi (Roodberg's ancestors) invaded and conquered portions of Vosser territory in the lowlands. Roodberg is not a nice word in a Vosser's vocabulary as it stands for perceived racial supremacy, undue arrogance, religious bigotry and general oppression rather than personal worth. However, it is true that the Vosser's are not blameless in this conflict and even today taking a Roodberg's head is a way to blood oneself.

The semi-official mascot of the clan is the Vosserkatz, a magical beast that lives in the rugged hills and mountains. It is a sacred animal to the Vosser's, and only they seem able to properly befriend the beasts. Harming a Vosserkatz is a good way of deeply offending the clan and the continued hunting of the animal is a continued source of animosity between the Roodbergs and the Vossers.

The Vosser's are generally indifferent to other clans but currently have a strong relationship with the Weisspeer clan as one of their members has married the current Voormann, Karenin Weisspeer.

Clan colours are Black and Gold.

Notable Septs (sub-clans)

Notable members

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