Voormann is the title of the elected head of the nation of Perrenland and is addressed as 'Your Gravity'.

Once elected, the Voorman exercises virtual sovereignty over the nation. The Voorman is Commander-in-Chief of the Auszug, the nation's representative in international politics and the head of the Concatenated Council.

The Voormann also has the authority to introduce legislation which must then be considered and ratified by the Concatenated Council, and then by the House of Grafs. Only during a state of emergency can the Voorman bypass then two-stage procedure of policy ratification. Additionally, the Voormann can veto any proposal put forward by any member of the Concatenated Council.

Initially, the Voormann was also the head of the Shool of the Old Kerk, but this was changed in 491 CY. However, any candidate for the position of Voormann must belong to the Old Kerk.

A Voormann is elected by the Concatenated Council every eight years. An Untervoormann is also elected at this time. The election process can take a great deal of time and often involves lengthy debates between council members. The election process takes place in the nations capital, Schwartzenbruin.

The institution of a Voormann was begun by the hero Perren in 400 CY, who was selected as Voormann for five consecutive terms.

The Voormann is protected and served by an order of trusted warriors known as the Voormannsgardt.

The current Voormann (as of 591 CY) is Karenin Weisspeer.