Greyhawk Wiki

Hey there, all! I wanted to make a blog post, and hope to get other's feedback and suggestions. We've all been following this wiki for quite some time. We've seen the efforts of a select but small group of contributors in the past few months who've made sustaining edits. Notably, these have been:

  • Kenneth Blumqvist
  • Voorman
  • Gringo300
  • Mozzeltoff

They've done a fine job of writing for the wiki, and I think that should be acknowledged.

The thing I'd like to talk with you all about today is the fact that the original admin and sysop of this wiki, Mmockus, hasn't been available since 2008. Which is unfortunate, for obvious reasons.

So, the thing I would like to see is this wiki become a good resource for the community. There are far too many pages here that do not have citations, use copyrighted IP directly by copy/paste, and use images, artwork, or other content which aren't available by Creative Commons or Public Domain.

This wiki needs someone with the time and experience who wants to just go through all of the content, and clean it up. There should be other content creators, who want to *write* pages, but, there also needs to be a person who is interested in the menial work of maintenance. Citations, formatting, assigning user groups, approving requests … all the day-to-day *junk*.

To that end, I would like to see if anyone else wants to do this kind of work other than me, because I'm all for it. We need someone who wants to take up the role of not just writing for the wiki, but maintaining it. Personally, I have managed other wikis outside of for years, and I am very willing to help get this one on it's feet, and back in line with what a good wiki should be - responsibly written, sourced, cited, and managed.

Let's not just use Raise Dead to get this wiki running, let's use True Resurrection!!!

I'm interested in hearing other's ideas. If you're interested in helping do this kind of stuff, or just want to offer your two cents, please post back on this blog post, and let us all know what you're thinking.