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The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun is an adventure module for 1st Edition AD&D, for player characters levels 5-10 and presumably for a party size of 6-8 if following directly on from S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.


"This special module is a combined wilderness and dungeon adventure scenario. It contains background information, referee's notes, encounter keys, outdoor and dungeon level maps, and new monsters and treasures. While it is designed to interface with THE LOST CAVERNS OF TSOJCANTH, this module is capable of standing alone. Likewise, while it is played within the Greyhawk Campaign, it can easily be adapted to play in any individual campaign which employs the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONSTM game system"



  • Karen Nelson: Griffin(p.7), Heraldry of the Rotting Eye Tribe(p.9), Littered Quarter(p.13), Quaal's Feather Token(p.15), Writhing columns(p.18), Norker(p.21), Annis(p.31), Bead of Force(p.32), Grell(Backcover)


  • Groog, Mountain giant leader of the temple forces.(p.4,16,27)
  • Gwaylar, Laird of Gnome Vale and Uvalnoniz Clan(p.3)
  • An unnamed noble from the Kettish Family Aldeen(p.20)
  • Teldroll Storis, a mountain dwarf fighter/thief 9/10(p.20)
  • Wongas, the last High Priest of Tharizdun, now a Coffer Corpse(p.26)


  • Aarakocra (p.6-7)
  • Annis (p.15,31)
  • Bear (p.5)
  • Boar (p.5-6)
  • Boggart (p.23,31)
  • Brown Mold (p.19)
  • Caryatd Column (p.26)
  • Coffer Corpse (p.26)
  • Dragon, Brass (p.7 Mentioned)
  • Dwarf (p.20)
  • Ear Seekers (p.25)
  • Giant, Hill (p.5-6,10,12,14)
  • Giant, Mountain (p.12-13,16)
  • Gnoll (p.11-12,18,22)
  • Gnome (p.3)
  • Grell (p.25)
  • Griffon (p.7)
  • Guardian Daemon (p.25)
  • Human (p.20)
  • Lamia (p.7-8)
  • Leucrotta (p.7)
  • Lion, Mountain (p.6)
  • Lynx, Giant (p.6)
  • Meazel (p.27)
  • Norker (p.5-6,10-12,14-15,18,20-21)
  • Ogre (p.5-6,10,12,16-17,20-22)
  • Orc (p.8)
    • Half Orc/Hobgoblin (p.8)
  • Otyugh (p.24)
  • Shadow Demon (p.28)
  • Spider, Huge (p.22)
  • Stag, Giant (p.6)
  • Stunjelly (p.24)
  • Troll(p.5-6,10-12,15,20)
  • Troll, Giant (p.12,19)
  • Wolf (p.5-6)
  • Wolf, Dire (p.17)


  • Wand of Force- a wand that can be used as a sword and to cast Wall of Force and Bigby's Forceful Hand. (p.32)
  • Bead of Force- a bead that can be used to cause damage and trap creatures within a sphere(p.32)



  • Jagged Knife Clan, orcs(p.8)
    • Rotting Eye Tribe(p.8)
  • Uvalnoniz Clan, gnomes (p.3)



The wand of force has been nicknamed 'The Lightsaber' by some fans.

The original players of this campaign were Luke Gygax, Mike Olson, Sonny Savage, Richard Kuntz, and Mitch Preston, with Gary Gygax as Dungeon Master.(p.30)

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