The Suel are an ethnic group of humans.

Physical Characteristics Edit Edit

Possessing the lightest coloration of any known human race, the Suel have fair skin and eye colour of pale blue or violet, or occasionally deep blue or gray. Suel hair is wiry, often curly or kinky, with fair colors such as yellow, light red, blond, and platinum blond. The Suel tend to be lean, with narrow facial features.

History Edit Edit

The Suel people lived in a region now known as the Sea of Dust, so called due to the Rain of Colorless Fire which destroyed the empire and left a desolate wasteland behind. The survivors fled eastwards, settling in all corners of the Flanaess and now occupy lands ranging from the icy mountains of the north-east and the humid jungles of the Thillonrian Peninsula.

Culture Edit Edit

In their heyday, the Suel Empire was decadent and cruel. The Imperium's destruction has not entirely removed this trait or the legacy of their old culture, but only a relatively small number of Suel are as conniving as their ancestors. The majority of Suel people have a reputation for being proud, opinionated, selfish, and blunt but only the elitist Scarlet Brotherhood truly maintain themselves as members of the old ways. In general, Suel tend to lean towards mental pursuits, especially magic, and Suel wizards often become very powerful.