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Prince Sewarndt is the youngest son of the former King Archbold III of Nyrond, but he does not share a mother with his older brother, Nyrond’s current King Lynwerd I.


Sewarndt a human mage is 31, 5’ 11" and slim of build. He is pleasantly handsome, with green eyes, brown hair and a fetching smile. Sewarndt and his older brother Lynwerd were starkly different, and the friction between them led to a minor battle for the crown after their father’s abdication in 586 CY. Lynwerd bested his younger brother, leaving Sewarndt to flee Nyrond, presumably south to Almor. There were whispers among the shadows that he had previously sent a magical messenger to Duke Szeffrin, proposing an alliance, seeing himself as marching back to Kalstrand to become a new Overking. Szeffrin, however, maintains an alliance with King Xavener, and has publicly rebuffed any talk of an uprising against the Head of House Darmen.

Lynwerd’s mother died in childbirth and Archbold quickly remarried, to Darielle of House Cranden. Quarlanth of Mowbrenn intimates that Sewarndt may be the true heir to the throne of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy due to his lineage through his mother. Quarlanth claims the heir to the Malachite Throne has run through the mother’s side of House Cranden since Yalranda was named Overqueen in 75 CY.

Sewarndt is considered an outcast from Nyrond’s Royal Family. Duke Korenflass, a Nyrondal noble, needles him endlessly.