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Clan Rosrijder is the second of the two Laaglander (lowlander) clans. These folk have equal amount Oeridian and Flan blood, ensuring that few are aware of (and care less about) their tribal origins. Clan loyalty is not particularly strong amongst Rosrijders, who are more regionalised in their outlook.


Rosrijder stadts (village-like horse stud farms) can be found spread over most of the Feronwold, from the northern reaches of Krestible in the south, throughout rural Schwartzenbruin and the plains of Nederboden, up to the edge of the Mounds of Dawn. The stadts are generally the home of several extended families or septs (sub clans), and in size more resemble a small village than a farm or ranch.

Rosrijders rarely miss an opportunity to poke fun at the sensitivities of the Hüssen clan (towards whom they bear no particular malice) - a pastime they have enjoyed for centuries. Rosrijders also have a friendly rivalry with the Weisspeer clan and enjoy favourably comparing their own steeds to the Weispeer warponies.

Clan colours are Gold and Green.

Prominent Members:

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