The Roodberg clan is one of eight clans that exist in the nation of Perrenland.

The Roodberg clan was originally a tribe of the Aerdi when they invaded and subjugated parts of (what is now) Perrenland. Their Aerdi heritage is reflected in the cultural and political climate of Clatspurgen. The Roodberg clan and its nobility rule with an iron fist backed by their Aerdi feudal traditions and stiff laws. Religious reverence is given to the Aerdi (Oerdian) gods far more than to the Flan Old Kerk which dominates the rest of Perrenland. Such deities are mostly mercantile (such as Zilchus) or warlike in nature.

The Roodberg's are seen as a strong, disciplined and wealthy clan by other Perrenders, but also as arrogant and condescending. Rumours hint that certain Roodberg groups revere the evil Oeridian deity Hextor, though the Roodberg's themselves deny such claims. Roodberg attitudes imply a certain racial superiority and they are one of the few clans to discourage non-human members. As a result, races such as dwarves, gnomes and (especially) elves are rarely members of the Roodberg clan.

The Roodberg's control some of the territory that the Vosser clan inhabits and have legal authority in the region. Furthermore, Roodberg's have been known to hunt the animal Vosserkatz for its valuable pelt. This has caused considerable friction between the two clans.

Clan colours are Blue, Red and White.

Members of note: