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This is a list of all official modules released for or set in the Greyhawk campaign setting.

First Edition AD&D and D&D Basic[]


Below is a list of modules released for 1st Edition AD&D and D&D Basic. Many modules have been written for 1st Edition AD&D after 1989, and the introduction of other editions. 3 other modules written during 1st Editions era (B2[1],C3[2](p.17), I2[3](p.17), I7[3](p.19), and UK6[4](p.155)) were retroactively set in Greyhawk after 1999.

  • FtA[5]= From the Ashes
  • Slavers[6]
  • WoGG[7]= World of Greyhawk Boxed Set: Glossography.

Pages given alone refer to the module's own source.

S.Code P.Code Title Writer(s) Pub. Level Year (CY) Hex
A0 9039A Danger at Darkshelf Quarry Skip Williams 2013 4-7 580(Slavers, p.120) M3-92, Nyrond Hex speculated
A0.5 Lowdown in High Port Thomas M. Reid 2013 3-5 580(Slavers, p.120) A4-101,Highport WoGG,p.30
A1 9039 Slave Pits of the Undercity David Cook 1980 4-7 580(Slavers, p.120) A4-101,Highport WoGG,p.30
A2 9040 Secret of the Slavers Stockade Harold Johnson, Tom Moldvay 1981 4-7 580(Slavers, p.120) A4-102, Drachengarb Hills WoGG,p.30
A3 9041 Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords Allen Hammack 1981 4-7 580(Slavers, p.120) A4-104 Drachengarb WoGG,p.30
A4 9042 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords Lawrence Schick 1981 4-7 580(Slavers, p.120) A4-104, Drachengarb WoGG,p.30
A1-4 9176 Scourge of the Slave Lords Various, revision by David Cook 1986 4-11 580(Slavers, p.120) A4-101/104

Drachengarb WoGG,p.30

A4.5 The Last Slave Lord Robert J. Schwalb 2013 6-9 580(Slavers, p.120) X4-142, Jeklea Bay(p.35)
B1 9023 In Search of the Unknown Mike Carr 1978* 1-3 Ratik, Tenh or the Pale. (p.1, 1978)
B2 9034 The Keep on the Borderlands Gary Gygax 1979 1-3
C1 9032 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Harold Johnson, Jeff R. Leason 1979 5-7 A4-137, Amedio Jungle near Olman Islands WoGG,p.30
C2 9038 The Ghost Tower of Inverness Allen Hammack 1979 5-7 A4-92 Abbor-Alz/Wooly Bay WoGG,p.30
C3 9110 The Lost Island of Castanamir Ken Rolston 1984 1-4 Near Beit Castan, Zeif[2](p.17)
D1 9019 Descent Into the Depths of the Earth Gary Gygax 1978 9-10+ 584-585 FtA(p.7) M5-138, Hellfurnaces WoGG,p.30
D2 9020 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa Gary Gygax 1978 9 584-585 FtA(p.7) M5-138, Hellfurnaces WoGG,p.30
D3 9021 Vault of the Drow Gary Gygax 1978 10-14 584-585 FtA(p.7) N5-138, Hellfurnaces WoGG,p.30
D1-D2 9059 Descent Into the Depths of the Earth Gary Gygax 1981 9-14 584-585 FtA(p.7) M5-138, Hellfurnaces WoGG,p.30
EX1 9072 Dungeonland Gary Gygax 1983 9-12 D4-86, near Greyhawk WoGG,p.30
EX2 9073 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror Gary Gygax 1983 9-12 D4-86, Near Greyhawk WoGG,p.30
G1 9016 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief Gary Gygax 1978 8+ 584 FtA(p.7) P5-129, Jotens WoGG,p.30
G2 9017 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl Gary Gygax 1978 8+ 584 FtA(p.7) S5-134, Crystalmists, WoGG,p.30
G3 9018 Hall of the Fire Giant King Gary Gygax 1978 8+ 584 FtA(p.7) M5-138, Hellfurnaces WoGG,p.30
G1-2-3 9058 Against the Giants Gary Gygax 1981 8-12 584 FtA(p.7) P5-129, S5-134, M5-138 WoGG,p.30
GDQ1-7 9179 Queen of the Spiders Gary Gygax 1986 8-14 584-585 FtA(p.7) see individual modules
GDQ0 House of the Brothers Mark R. Shipley 1987 6-10 584-585 FtA(p.7) M5-127, Jotens
I1 9046 Dwellers of the Forbidden City David Cook 1981 4-7 Y-109 Hepmonaland WoGG,p.30
I2 9055 Tomb of the Lizard King Mark Acres 1982 5-7 Hool Marshes
I7 9152 Baltron's Beacon Philip Meyers 1985 4-8 Hool Marshes
L1 9045 The Secret of Bone Hill Lenard Lakofka 1981 2-4 B-78, Restenford WoGGp.30
L2 9057 The Assassin's Knot Lenard Lakofka 1983 2-5 B-78, Lendore Isle FtA, p.72
L3 9844 Deep Dwarven Delve Lenard Lakofka 1999 3-6 B-78, Lendore Isle
L4, L4C N/A Devilspawn Lenard Lakofka 2010 1-5 B-78, Lendore Isle
L5, (A, B, C, [D]) N/A The Kroten Adventures Lenard Lakofka 2014 B-78, Lendore Isle
N1 9063 Against the Cult of the Reptile God Douglas Niles 1982 1-3 K5-113, H5-112, Rushmoors WoGG,p.30
Q1 9035 Queen of the Demonweb Pits David C. Sutherland III, Gary Gygax 1980 10-14 584-585 FtA(p.7) N5-138, Hellfurnaces WoGG,p.30
S1 9022 Tomb of Horrors Gary Gygax 1978 10-14 K2-97, Vast Swamp WoGG,p.30
S2 9027 White Plume Mountain Lawrence Schick 1979 5-10 T3-70, Near Riftcanyon WoGG,p.30
S3 9033 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Gary Gygax 1980 8-12 A6-119,Barrier Mountains WoGG,p.30
S4 9061 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth Gary Gygax 1982 6-10 E5-88, Yatils WoGG,p.30
S1-S4 9209 Realms of Horror Gary Gygax 1987 10-14 See individual modules
T1 9026 The Village of Hommlet Gary Gygax 1979 1-3 O4-98, Verbobonc WoGG,p.30
T1-4 9147 The Temple of Elemental Evil Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer 1985 1-8 O4-98, Verbobonc
U1 9062 The Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh Dave Browne, Don Turnbull 1981 1-3 U4-123, Keoland below Dreadwood. p.3
U2 9064 Danger at Dunwater Dave Browne, Don Turnbull 1982 1-4 U4-123, Keoland below Dreadwood p.3
U3 9076 The Final Enemy Dave Browne, Don Turnbull 1983 3-5 W4-125 Hool Marshes p.5
UK1 9066 Beyond the Crystal Cave Dave Browne, Tom Kirby, Graeme Morris 1983 3-6 04-124, Fairwind Isle p.2
UK2 9101 The Sentinel Graeme Morris 1983 2-5 E5-137 and F5-138 Sea Princes, Hool River Lake p.3
UK3 9111 The Gauntlet Graeme Morris 1984 3-6 E5-137 and F5-138 Sea Princes, Hool River Lake p.3
UK6 9126 All that Glitters... Jim Bramba 1984 3-5 Amedio Jungle?
WG4 9065 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun Gary Gygax 1982 5-10 F5-88,Yatils WoGG,p.30
WG5 9112 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure Robert Kuntz, Gary Gygax 1984 9-12 X3-86,Near Maure Castle. p.2
WG6 9153 Isle of the Ape Gary Gygax 1985 18+ Z3-83, Access to Demiplane (FTA, p.73)
WG7 9222 Castle Greyhawk 16 various authors 1988 0-25 D4-86, Greyhawk City FtA, p.73
WG8 9253 Fate of Istus Nigel Findley, Dan Salas, Stephen Inniss, Robert J. Kuntz 1989 0-12+* 581 cy(p.24)[4] N3-58, Rookroost (Starting point), FtA p.73
Dungeon Magazine #10 The Shrine of Ilsidahur John Nephew 1988 3-6 Amedio or Hepmonaland
Dungeon Magazine #13 The Ruins of Nol-Daer H.L. McCleskey 1988 5-8 J4-104, Suss Forst
Dungeon Magazine #15 The Elephant's Graveyard David Howery 1988 5-7 Amedio or Hepmonaland
Dungeon Magazine #19 By the Wayside Tim Villademoros 1989 6-10 B5-127. Hool Marshes
Dungeon Magazine #22 The Leopard Men David Howery 1989 8-10 Amedio or Hepmonaland
1015 World of Greyhawk Gary Gygax + Various 1983
2023 Greyhawk Adventures James M. Ward 1988 0-7


A series: Aerie of the Slave Lords.

A0-4. A series based on tournament modules, except for A0, which is a module written far later to act as an introductory module to the series. The module series follows adventure dismantling the Titular slave lords along the wild coast. The full series is set in Greyhawk. It was later made into a chain with T1-T4, GDQ1-7.

B series: 'Basic' D&D

Designed for D&D Basic instead of AD&D 1e. This series was mainly set in the Mystara setting, but a few of the modules (B1 and B2) are set in Greyhawk in some versions. B1 was set in Greyhawk in early publications, then changed to Mystara. B2 was set in Mystara at first, then retroactively implied to be in Greyhawk by the later 'Return to the Keep on the Borderlands'.

C series: Competition.

The first 2 of 6 are set in Greyhawk, based on tournament modules. The modules are unconnected.

D series: Drow.

D1-3, and the D1-2 compilation module. Also used and 'completed' in the super campaign chain T1-4, A1-4, GDQ1-7.

EX series:Extension

EX1 and EX 2. These modules are based on Alice on wonderland, and while set in Greyhawk the modules take place in another plane.

I series: Intermediate.

Mostly unconnected modules set in various locations- only some modules take place in Greyhawk. I2 was retroactively adopted in 2000. Some are related to Greyhawk through deities and themes, but set in a non specific setting. For example I9: Day of Al'Akbar deals with the Cup and Talisman of Al'akbar, but is set in a generic arabian setting. I12: Egg of the Phoenix, is the compilation of R1-R4 of the Role Playing Game Association series written by Mentzer (Not to be confused with the RPGA series of the same namesake), which was intended to be set on Greyhawk's Oerth but never officially became so, in the Aquaria continent. I7 could also easily take place in the Hool Marshes.

L series: Lendore Isle.

A series written by Lenard 'Len' Lakofka, set on the isles that were part of his own campaign setting, but would be adopted into Greyhawk during the creation of Greyhawks map. L3 of the series was delayed, and L4 and L5 were never officially published, but were posted onto Dragonsfoot by Lenard Lakofka. The adventures are available to download officially from Dragonsfoot (links in the table above). L4C is the Lendore Isle Companion Guide, designed to help run L4. L5A is the Campaign Guide, L5B a collection of adventures, L5C the Companion Guide and L5 [D] (only called L5) a collection of maps.

N series: Novice.

Only N1 is set in Greyhawk.N2-N3 are generic. N4-5 are set in Forgotten Realms campaign setting. The modules are not connected.

S series: Special.

Prior to the S1-S4 compilation 'Realms of horrors, unconnected modules, some of which may have been intended for other series.

T series: Temple of Elemental evil.

T1 and T1-4. T2, T3 and T4 were never released as individual modules. Six years passed between module publications, and the notes finally given to Frank Mentzer to complete, as Gygax was busy working on other projects.

U series: Underwater.

Written by TSR's UK branch, this was a lovecraftian trilogy.

UK series: United Kingdom.

The first three modules were specifically set in Greyhawk, by UK4-6 were set generically. UK6 was retroactively adopted into the Greyhawk setting by implied references to the Hek Tribe[1]. The others in the series are easily adaptable to fit Greyhawk as well.

WG series: World of Greyhawk.

1-3 were never given to published works. S4: Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth was thought to be originally intended for a WG code, as was parts of the T series. The modules are mostly unconnected other than setting.


World of Greyhawk Boxed Set contained six adventure hooks, that were basic concept for a campaign:

  • Quest of the Mist Golem
  • The Lost Passage of The Suloise
  • The Werewolves of the Menowood
  • The Jungle of Lost Ships
  • The Copper Raider
  • The Stolen Seal

Greyhawk Adventures contains six mini modules or adventure hooks, with a few basics already plotted out:

  • Horse Sense
  • Beaming Up
  • Diver Down
  • The Entrance to the Valley of the Mage
  • The Rescue of Ren
  • The House of Cards

2nd Edition[]

WG9: Gargoyle (9251) 1989

WG10: Child's Play (9265) 1989

WG11: Puppets (9269) 1989

WG12: Vale of the Mage (9270) 1989

WGA1: Falcon's Revenge (9279) 1990

WGA2: Falconmaster (9289) 1990

WGA3: Flames of the Falcon (9302) 1990

WGA4: Vecna Lives! (9309) 1990

WGM1: Border Watch 1993

WGQ1: Patriots of Ulek (9385) 1992

WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins (9292) 1990

WGR2: Treasures of Greyhawk (9360) 1992

WGR3: Rary the Traitor (9386) 1992

WGR4: The Marklands (9398) 1993

WGR5: Iuz the Evil (9399) 1993

WGR6: The City of Skulls (9405) 1993

WGS1: Five Shall Be One (9317) 1991

WGS2: Howl from the North (9337) 1991

The City of Greyhawk 1989

Wars 1991

From the Ashes 1992

Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad 1998

The Doomgrinder 1998

Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins 1998

Return of the Eight 1998

Return to the Tomb of Horrors 1998

The Star Cairns 1998

Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff 1999

Return to the Keep on the Borderlands 1999

Return to White Plume Mountain 1999

Die Vecna Die! 2000

Slavers 2000

Ghost Dance (Dungeon Magazine 32), 1991

Izek's Slumber (Dungeon Magazine 42), 1993

A Serenade Before Supper (Dungeon Magazine 53), 1995

Kingdom of the Ghouls (Dungeon Magazine 70), 1998

Priestly Secrets (Dungeon Magazine 71), 1998

The Setting Sun (Dungeon Magazine 73), 1999

Ex Keraptis Cum Amore (Dungeon Magazine 77), 1999

River Rats (Polyhedron Magazine 92, Keith Polster) 1994

3rd Edition[]

The Fright at Tristor 2001

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil 2001

Deep Freeze (Dungeon Magazine 83) ,2000

Alterations (Dungeon Magazine 83, base on Greyhawk:2000 a futuristic Greyhawk setting from Dragon Magazine 277), 2000

Lord of the Scarlet Tide (Dungeon Magazine 85), 2001

Kambranex Machinations (Dungeon Magazine 91), 2002

The Storm Lord's Keep (Dungeon Magazine 93) 2002

Quadripartite (Dungeon Magazine 99), 2002

3.5 Edition[]

Age of Worms Adventure Path 2006

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits 2007

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk 2007

Savage Tide Adventure Path 2007

The Shackled City Adventure Path 2007

The Cradle of Madness (Dungeon Magazine 87) 2001

Headless (Dungeon Magazine 89) 2001

Racing the Snake (Dungeon Magazine 105), 2003

Tammeraut's Fate (Dungeon Magazine 106), 2003

Maure Castle (Dungeon Magazine 112) 2004

Mad God's Key (Dungeon Magazine 114), 2004

Raider's of the Black Ice (Dungeon Magazine 115), 2004

Touch of the Abyss (Dungeon Magazine 117), 2004 (Also includes Istivin: City of Shadows, with campaign setting notes for this adventure.)

Shadows of the Abyss (Dungeon Magazine 118) 2005 (Continues from Touch of the Abyss)

Throne of Iuz (Dungeon Magazine 118) 2005

Wrath of the Abyss (Dungeon Magazine 119) 2005 (Continues from Shadows of the Abyss)

Lost Temple of the Demogorgon (Dungeon Magazine 120) 2005

Chambers of Antiquities (Dungeon Magazine 124) 2005

The Clockwork Fortress (Dungeon Magazine 126), 2005 (Follows on from Raider's of the Black Ice)

The Hateful Legacy (Dungeon Magazine 131), 2006

Ill Made Graves (Dungeon Magazine 133). 2006

Funeral Procession (Dungeon Magazine 135), 2006

The Coming Storm (Dungeon Magazine 136), 2006

The Greater Halls (Dungeon Magazine 139) 2006

The Heart of Hellfire Mountain (Dungeon Magazine 140) 2006

Vile Addiction (Dungeon Magazine 145), 2007

Spawn of Sehan (Dungeon Magazine 146), 2007

Dread Pagoda of the Inscrutable Ones (Dungeon Magazine 147), 2007

Shadows of Spinecastle (Dungeon Magazine 148), 2007

4th Edition[]

Revenge of the Giants 2009 (Set in a generic setting, but references Greyhawk lore)

Tomb of Horrors 2010 (Set in a generic setting, but using the same lore and names of the original set in Greyhawk)

Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, Dungeon Magazine #197, December 2011

Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dungeon Magazine #198, Janurary 2012

The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, Dungeon Magazine #199, February 2012

Hall of the Fire Giant King, Dungeon Magazine #200, March 2012

Unfriendly Skies, Dungeon Magazine #205, August 2012 (Continues on from Hall of the Fire Giant King)

The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, Dungeon Magazine #209, December 2012

Beyond the Crystal Cave, Dungeon Magazine #211, Feburary 2013 (Not set in Greyhawk but connected to the AD&D module of the same name that is)

Never Say Die, Dungeon Magazine #212, March 2013 (Set near White Plume Mountain)

Court of the Dark Prince, Dungeon Magazine #212, March 2013 (Includes characters such as Iggwilv, Graz'zt and Kord)

The Village of Hommlet, Dungeon Magazine #212, March 2013

Tomb of Horrors, Dungeon Magazine #213, April 2013 (D&D Next Module with 4e conversion notes)

Dark Legacy of Evard, Dungeon Magazine #219, October 2013 (Uses and references Greyhawk Characters such as Evard the Black and Mordenkainen)

5th Edition[]

Tomb of Horrors, Dungeon Magazine #213, April 2013 (D&D Next Module)

The Battle of Emridy Meadows, Dungeon Magazine #221, December 2013 (D&D Next)

Tales from the Yawning Portal 2017

Ghosts of Saltmarsh 2019


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