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Oerth (pronounced 'Oi-th'[1]) is an Earth like planet, one of five 'Alternative earths' (Earth, Oerth, Aerth, Yarth, Uerth[2]). It differs to Earth in that its axial tilt is 30 degrees, has different weather and seasons, and is geocentric. Oerth has a circumference of 25,200 miles and a surface area 202,139,540 Sq. miles and is much 'rounder' than Earth and about 2.6% bigger[3]. The City of Greyhawk sits on 35 N latitude[3],[4].

Latitude Hex width Sq. Miles Locations
90 0 0 North Pole
55 21.01 382.27 Blackmoor
50 23.54 479.83 Nomads, Rovers, Barbarians
45 25.90 580.68 Ekbir, Theocracy of the Pale, Ratik
40 28.06 681.84 Shield Lands, Urnst, N. Province
35 30 779.32 Veluna, Greyhawk, Sea Barons
30 31.71 870.07 Highport, Rel Astra
25 33.19 953.77 Yeomanry, Sunndi, Lendore
20 34.41 1024.73 Lordship of the Isles
15 35.38 1083.34 Top of Sea of Dust and Amedio Jungle
10 36.07 1126.19 Hepmonaland
0 36.62 1161.36 Equator

Oerth has at least four continents, the largest of which is Oerik (which makes up about 14.66% of Oerth), lying mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. Southeast of Oerik lies the much smaller landmass of Hepmonaland, lying in the tropics. Hyperboria, also called Telchuria (after Telchur, the god of winter), lies at the north pole, while an unnamed fourth continent lies in the southern hemisphere. Oerth is thought to have four oceans, including the Solnor Ocean, the Dramidj Ocean that circles Telchuria, the Ocean of Storms south of Oerik, and the Sea of Thunder encompassing Polaria. Oerth also has a number of islands, the largest being Fireland in the northern Solnor, depicted on maps as being roughly half the size of Hepmonaland. Polaria is a chain of mountainous islands covered for at least part of the year by the southern polar ice cap. The easternmost part of Oerik, the Flanaess, has received the lion's share of detail, though Hepmonaland has received significant attention. Western Oerik was the setting for TSR's original miniature line, Chainmail, but few regard the material written for that setting as canon, especially after the miniature line's cancellation in 2002. Author Frank Mentzer, in a series of early modules, added a small territory called New Empyrea to the world across the Solnor Ocean from the Flanaess, but it has not been mentioned in subsequent Greyhawk products.

Gygax decided to concentrate his first efforts on the continent of Oerik and asked TSR's printing house about the maximum size of paper they could handle; the answer was 34" x 22" (86 cm x 56 cm). He found that, using the scale he desired, he could fit only the northeast corner of Oerik on two of the sheets.[5] This corner of Oerik became known as "the Flanaess", so named in Gygax's mind because of the peaceful people known as the Flannae who had once lived there. The Flannaes, (not including Amedio, Hepmonaland, Dry Steppes, Sea of Dust, Land of Black Ice, or large bodies of water) is approximately 6.5 million sq. miles of land.

Darlene map

This map, Commonly known as the Darlene Map, from the AD&D The world of Greyhawk Folio/Boxset, shows the Flanaess in CY 587, Pre War. Each Hex is 30 miles wide, roughly equating to 779 square miles

Meyer Map

This map is done by Anne Meyers, showing the Flanaess post war, including details from Living Greyhawk and extends further into the surrounding lands.

Nations of Flanaess Edit

Below are listed the known countries, nations and states. Some of these places have changed in name, became annexed, or emerged post Greyhawk Wars. Post war, the lands of the Flanaess can be grouped into 8 main regions[6].

Western Nyr Dyv (Old Ferrond)Edit

Centred on the Velverdyva River this land was largely populated by oeridians in it's early history, but has strong influences from Suel and Flan heritage. Once part of the Viceroyalty of Ferrond, which in turn was part of the Great Kingdom, the nations listed below have since become independent and remain on good terms with each other. It is threatened by the Empire of Iuz to the North.

The Sheldomar Valley (Old Keoland)Edit

Once all part of Keoland, many of the nations grew independent after disagreeing with Keoland's militarism . Stock is mostly of Suel with strong Oeridian influence, but pockets of Flan heritage exist in certain regions (Geoff, Sterich, Ulek). The region is threatened by the humanoids, including giants, from the surrounding mountains and the organised humanoid forces of the Pomarj. Post Greyhawk wars, the Hold of the Sea Princes is struggling to fend off influence from the Scarlet Brotherhood.

The Baklunish WestEdit

The Baklunish Stronghold, only the Ket have slight mixed bloodlines from interacting with the lands of Western Nyr Dyv. Peoples of this land go from nomadic horsemen to grand merchant cities with powerful navies. This land is stable and secure, with little outside threats. Ket occasionally send small raids to Bissel and Veluna.

The Bitter NorthEdit

A region grouped more for geography than similarities between it's inhabitants. The Nomads, Blackmoor and Perrenland do not share many connections.

The Empire of IuzEdit

A product of the Greyhawk Wars. Many of these nations before the war would find it unthinkable they would be associated with the lands of Iuz, but were taken over partially or fully during the war. Tenh would have previously considered itself part of Old Aerdy East, Rovers as part of the Bitter North and the Shield lands of Western Nyr Dyv.

The Thrillonian PeninsularEdit

A cold stretch of land, bi-parted by mountains. Inhabited by the Suel barbarians, of near pure suel stock, and the bandit found country of Stonefist. 

Old Aerdy WestEdit

Oeridian-Suel bloodlines are dominant in this region, with strong Flan influences in the Pale. This was the last region to be settled by the oeridians. Much of it was once part of Nyrond, which itself was part of the Great Kingdom. After Nyrond claimed independence, so too did Urnst, Almor, Tenh and the Pale. Almor was annexed by Nyrond during the Greyhawk wars, having suffered heavy casualties and Tenh was lost to the Empire of Iuz. This region is noble but beset by many enemies and with ever dwindling resources and internal stability.

Old Aerdy EastEdit

The final remnants of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. The core of this region used to be focused on the Flanmi River plain, but has shifted to Relmor Bay. The main threat to this region is the still ongoing civil war and instability within it's borders.

Independent IsolatesEdit

Forests of the Flanaess Edit

Hills of the Flanaess Edit

Mountains of the Flanaess Edit

Other Notable locations of the Flanaess Edit

(Includes Swamps, Wastes, Deserts and so on)

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