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The Pomarj, properly known as the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj, was a nation in the Flanaess.


The Pomarj was a long stretch of land extending from the Sheldomar Valley down to the Azure Sea. The so-called Empire of nonhumans there encompassed the whole mountainous peninsula. To the west, its borders ended with the foothills of the Principality of Ulek. It's northern territory ran all the way into the Wild Coast to the outskirts of Safeton, the domain of Greyhawk.

Foreign Relations

Unsurprisingly, the Pomarj had unfriendly relations with all of her neighbours. The Ulek stated all had reason to hate the unsteady empire, and the territory near the Principality was under threat from invasion. The elven kingdom of Celene was also an enemy, although Turrosh stayed his hand, recognising his own limitations. The city of Greyhawk have an uneasy peace at present, but few believed that the current security of Safeton would last.

Pomarj had no real allies, although emissaries from the Scarlet Brotherhood were rumoured to have a growing influence, especially in the port city of Blue.

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