Perrenland is an independent parliamentary republic. The federal government consists of the Voormann (head of state), the Concatenated Council, and the House of Grafs.

History Edit

The nation of Perrenland was officially united by the Covenant of Concatenation in in 400 CY. This oath allowed the Clans to unite under a single ruler (Voormann) while still remaining somewhat independent. The clan freeholds were divided into eight cantonments, sworn (as part of the covenant) into a pact of mutual armed assistance. At this early time, there existed only the House of Grafs and the Voormann. After Perren's death the Concatenated Council was created. Initially, the Old Kerk was also under the control of the Voormann but this state of affairs ended in 491 CY.

Election of Voormann Edit

Every 8 years, Perrenland elects a leader, known as a Voormann to rule the nation. In theory, any Perrenlander can become Voormann. The only official requirement being that the candidate is a member of a clan or have agreement from a clan leader (Pfalzgraf).

The voting process is performed only by a handful of key representatives, namely each of the eight clan Pfalzgraf, as well as the mayors of the cities of Schwartzenbruin, Traft and Krestible. These worthies, as well as the various candidates, gather in Schwartzenbruin for a special election council. The candidates are allowed to each represent themselves in an effort to persuade the council of their worth. Following these representations the councilors are cloistered and the actual voting takes place.

The councilors vote openly and there is usually much debate. The whole process can vary in length – at times the choice is obvious and the new Voormann announced within an hour or so; at other times the debate may rage for days. Assuming that an agreement is reached, the council publicly announces its decision and the new Voormann takes the oath of office, to assume his or her duties almost immediately. The Untervoorman is also elected at the same time.

The most popular current candidates for the 593 CY elections are:

Legislation Edit

Laws are introduced by either the Voormann or a member of the Concatenated Council. Once introduced, the Council discusses and modifies the legislation and must approve it before it is passed to the House of Grafs. Voormann has the power of veto and can stop the bill at any time.

The House of Grafs represent the interests of the Clans and, hence, the citizenry of Perrenland. Any legislation that arrives to them is debated before being voted upon or simply blocked. The House cannot, however, introduce legislation themselves.