Perren is a legendary former Voormann who led the nation of Perrenland from 400 CY to 446 CY. The nation was later named in his honour and he is still considered the greatest leader and statesman in Perrenland history.

Perren was born in Schwartzenbruin and spent his early years serving as a mercenary soldier in the armies of Furyondy. He understood the opportunity the coming of the Relentless Horde represented and made full use of it in the resulting rebellion.

What he wanted, Perren explained to his Furondonian counterparts, was the same vision that Furyondy had for itself - the right to elect its own leaders and to govern its own house. The rebellion was a success and the clans elected Perren to lead them as Voormann in (approx) 400 CY.

Within a year a truculent Furyondy acknowledged his title. Knowing then necessity of continued unity if Perrenland was to survive, Perren instituted a Canton system, allowing clan members to elect their own representatives who would then in turn elect the Voormann. The populace were so impressed and devoted to this great warrior and statesman that he was elected voormann five consecutive time.

During the later part of his rule, launched an ambitious plan to populate the northern shore of Lake Quag, thus incorporating the lake into the nation. Unfortunately, he died in 446 CY and his plans were left unfinished.

After his death the young nation adopted his name.