The Pax Mercuri is a mercenary organisation based from the nation of Perrenland.

Being one of Perrenland's primary exports, Perrenland mercenaries are well known and respected for their courage and discipline on the battlefield. Although not known for their individual bravery, their phalanx formations consisting of pikemen form a solid core of troops that are near-impossible to break. They obey Perrenland laws at all times and will only obey orders that fall within such parameters.

Unofficial mercenaries are also available in most communities.

Unlike the Auszug, even foreigners are able to join the Pax Mercuri provided they have good standing in the community. Any foreigner who completes 3 years of service in the Pax is eligible for citizenship.

Military RanksEdit

Aside from name, ranks in the Pax Mercuri is analogous with the Auszug. Membership of the Pax Mercuri is split into 4 rank bands:

  • Roodstrefen (Private)
  • Braunstrefen (NCO)
  • Argenstrefen (Lesser Officer)
  • Aurenstrefen (Higher Officer)

Specialist SoldiersEdit

Both the Auszug and the Pax Mercuri recruit and train soliders with specialised expertise.

  • Medizinier Pax (Divine Spellcasters)
  • Ingenieur Pax (Arcane Spellcasters)
  • Fussvolk Pax (Foot Soldiers)
  • Kavallerie Pax (Mounted Troops)
  • Speziallerie (Special Operations)