Old Common term: Euroz

Orcs are a savage, brutal race of humanoids, that raid, pillage, and battle other races and other orc tribes.  Their hatred for dwarves and elves is well known.  They speak their own language, Orc, but are also known to speak Goblin and Giant.

According to their own legend, the orc race was created by the blood of Gruumsh after his battle with the elf god Corelloen, during which Gruumsh's eye was stabbed out by the elf god.  This is the reason for their intense hate of the elves. 

The average adult male orc stands at 6ft tall and weighs about 210 pounds, with females being smaller.  They have lupine ears, red eyes, and hair is generally black.  They wear vivid colors humans find unappealing, such as mustard yellow, and blood-red.  Their equipment is always dirty and unkempt.

Orc society is male dominated with women being prized possessions at best and cattle at worst.  Status is determined by battle prowess, territory they claim, possessions, the number of women they own and how many children they sire.  They are covered in scars and ritually scar themselves.  Many of their tribal leaders are great warrirors or clerics of their god Gruumsh.  Orcs are able to breed with humans, creating what is called a Half-Orc.  

Gruumsh is not the only god worshipped by orcs.  Some tribes have served Iuz for generations as the shock troops of his army and worship the Old One as thier god.  

The Orcish Empire of the Pomarj is the largest orc dominated nation in the Flanaess, with orcs having conquered the nation in the aftermath of the Hateful wars against the Ulek states.  It is currently ruled by a half-orc named Turosh Mak.  Orcs also hold power in the fallen states of Geoff and the Bone March and are used in the Northern Kingdom to enforce the will of Overking Grenell I.