The Old Kerk (Old Church) is Perrenland’s incarnation of the Old Faith, the worship of Flan gods that have shepherded the Flan people for millennia. It has grown to become the dominant religion in Perrenese. It is a traditional body of worship based upon the Flan gods of: Beory, Allitur, Pelor, Rao, Berei, Zodal, Obad-Hai, Mayaheine and Vathris. Acknowledgment is also given to Nerull, as an unavoidable part of the Flan history.

These gods form the general framework of religion in Perrenland for the Clans and act as the “nation binder”. Although it holds no official political power, but is well respected among the people of Perrenland and is thus a power to be respected. The Old Kerk tends to serve more as a voice for reason and morality when the need arises.

Most of the human dominated clans, with the exception of the Roodberg and Morgenrood clans, have almost universal membership of the Old Kerk. The benign nature of the Old Kerk has seen its followers spread to other races and cultures both within and beyond the borders of Perrenland, and Juistmenn can be found amongst the folk of many lands and cultures.

The Old Kerk was formed over 2000 years ago as part of the terms of the Shrine Alliance.

The Juistmenn of the Old Kerk are the basic members, while the Sacraal Trekkers are initiates. The Old Kerk itself is divided into the Shool, the Grove, and the Voice.

The Shool Edit

The Shool of the Old Kerk tend the shrines and the Great Temples, and minister to the religious needs of worshipers.

The head of the Old Kerk church is known as the Hetvoorshoolmann, followed by the nine Hetshoolmann. These ten individuals form a high council from which edicts and religious decisions are made.

The Grove Edit

The Grove of the Old Kerk tend to areas of untamed wilderness called Old Seed areas, ensuring that the natural order is not destroyed by over-use or over-settlement of the land.

The Voice Edit

The Voice of the Old Kerk are lorekeepers, dispute-settlers, and joybringers who remind people of what they have in common and of the good things in life.