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The Oerdian are an ethnic group of humans.

Physical Characteristics

Oeridian skin tones range from tan to olive. Brown and auburn hair are common, though hair colour can vary greatly. Like-wise, eye coloration is highly variable, although brown and gray are seen most often. Oeridians tend to have square or oval faces and strong jaw lines.


Before the Twin Cataclysms, the Oeridian people dwelt in Ull in a loose confederacy of tribes. They occasionally served either the Baklunish or the Suel as mercenaries until the fall of both empires, and the Oeridians were the first to flee into the Flanaess. Being hardy warriors they battled their way east, sometimes allying with the native Flan and elves (especially against the Suel) as the traveled. The most powerful tribe of the Oeridian, the Aerdi, established the Great Kingdom in the far east of the Flanaess.


Ancient Oeridians were fierce warriors, yet they also were self-sacrificing and loyal. While not as prominent in modern times, many Oeridians can be temperamental and aggressive. They have a preference for strict social order, usually fitting themselves at the top, and they have a strong military tradition. The Oeridian skill at warfare is unsurpassed, and many folk have a hard-learned respect for it. In peacetime, they are practical, hard working, and tend to be uninterested in intellectual pursuits.