Known as “Birch-Skin” or the “Pale Druid” by the nomads and tribesmen of his territory, Obanor is indeed of fair skin. Standing nearly seven feet, this tall, sinewy, blonde-haired fellow makes quite an impression. Though he carries a heavy, eight foot staff of bronzewood, he is reluctant to use it. A man of peace, everyone assumes, due to his size, that he is a giant in battle. Obanor is very wise and quite charismatic. As such he is a skillful negotiator and legislator. He is sought out from all corners of his territory to judge disputes. When holding counsel, the Pale Druid is know to rap his staff upon the stone, the sound and shock of which startle even the most hard-bitten nomads to silence and obedience. There is a kindness in Obanor’s deep blue eyes that quells even the most nervous supplicants. That and his approachable manner make him well loved by most practitioners of the Old