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The Mounds of Dawn are a series of hills in western Perrenland.

These uplands are home to monsters that descend from the northern Yatil Mountains, often isolating the inhabitants of the walled town of Exag from the rest of the country. Ogres and hill giants are especially troublesome in the region.

The Mounds of Dawn are noted for several large hills of peculiar shape and design, appearing almost artificial in nature. Fine mineral deposits are reported to lie here, as well as many lost treasures and tombs, especially in the vicinity of Lake Quag.

Few people have explored these mounds and fewer still have returned. Survivors sometimes return with lost treasures from ancient time as well as stories of terrible monsters and vengeful undead. In rare instances, explorers tell of strange magical fluctuations manifesting in sudden healing of injuries, regrowth of limbs and even the restoration of youth. The prefect of Exag has offered a substancial reward to investigate these rumours.

The Vestflow River travels along the edges of the Mounds of Dawn and the western bank where it does so is well known as a place of haunted ruins, the legacy of the Ur-Flanne empire that once thrived there.

Most of this region is claimed by the canton of Canton of Hugelrote, but the small dwarf enclaves here are xenophobic and avoid the human clanfolk.



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