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The Morgenrood is a clan that lives in the nation of Perrenland.

The Morgenroods are mostly found in the Canton of Yattenhied and the Canton of Hugelrote. They are seemingly of pure Oerdian descent, having crossed the Yatils during the first migrations in -458 CY.

Exag, their capital, is the oldest known Oerdian city in the Flanaess, and its traditions reflect this. In Perrenland, they are seen as a no-nonsense clan that minds its own business and can come across as abrasive and abrupt. They have no alliances with any other clan except an occasional agreement with the Hüssens. They are generally politically inactive but recently some elements have entered the political arena.

They are bitter enemies of the Tiger Nomads as they are often plagued by raids from their northern neighbour. Morgenrood rangers and scouts have perfected methods of ambush and trapping to harass and slow down the advance of the Tiger Nomads, allowing the larger military to finish the job.

Morgenrood colours are Brown and Orange.

The clan Pfalzgraf is Voorstammann Vorrudden Morgan, who is also Hetmann of Exag.

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