Clan Meerijder is one of eight clans in the nation of Perrenland.

A Laaglander clan whose origins lie along the shores of Lake Quag, Clan Meerijder are renowned for their sailing ability. They nearly always earn their living from the waters of the lake or the rivers.

The Meerijders are a clan divided. Bitter inter-clan warfare and constant disputes have split the clan into two roughly equal divisions, the Vestmeers and the Oostmeers, each with its own Pfalzgraf, on each side of Lake Quag. While the division occurred over a century ago, the two splinter groups only began referring to themselves as Vestmeers and Oostmeers in the last few decades. Up until that time, the Voormann had allowed both groups to represent themselves in the council.

Rivalry between the two branches branch of the clan occasionally sees blood drawn, and some “privateering” has occurred recently. Both sides deny any fault in the courts of the Voormann. Aside from this, however, both sides usually have good relations with the other clans.

In addition, the Kar-Hoosh Rhennee of Lake Quag are also a Meerijder sub-clan, having been granted that status when they were given Perrenese citizenship in 491 CY.

Their clan colours are blue, red and orange.