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Lynwerd is the older son of King Archbold III of Nyrond that suffered a stroke in 585 CY. After foiling the plot of his younger brother Prince Sewarndt he was crowned king in 586 CY.

Under Lynwerd, Nyrond has been slowly recovering from the Greyhawk Wars, though times are good only by comparison to Archbold’s reigh. King Lynwerd seized the western half of Almor, placing it under his protection and creating the Almorian Protectorate, appointing a governor to administer the new province. The remaining lands of Almor not under Nyrondal control are referred to as The Principality of Nyrond and are led by Duke Szeffrin.

Once Lynwerd became king he took a calculated gamble by reducing the forces pitted against Szeffrin, reducing taxes on peasantry and and aiming to rebuild the morale of his people.

He did not weaken defenses in the Kron Hills, and he also favors the Adri people, looking to magical means to increase the flow of communication and goods with them. Lynwerd is also considering a dynastic marriage to a suitable noblewoman from the Duchy of Urnst and is a careful, shrewd diplomat and politician.

King Lynwerd is one of the few Nyrondese military commanders to have emerged with any credit from his battles on the northern front. Strong and decisive. Lynwerd is all too aware that there were many within Nyrond who saw him as King even beofre his unpopular father abdicated. Most wished Archbold would have stepped aside earlier, and some were even prepared to assassinate the king to get Lynwerd enthroned. To his credit, Lynwerd scoffed at such notions and has always vehemently defended him.


37 years of age, 6’ 2". strongly built and handsome, closely resembling his father, Archbold III, as a young man.