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Lowdown in Highport is a Dungeon Magazine module written in 2013 but for 1st edition AD&D, but also has converted the creatures in the module to 4th edition D&D should players wish to play it as a 4e module instead. 12 of the 26 pages detailing the module within the magazine are creature stat blocks for 4e. It is designed for a group of six to eight players of levels 3-5.

It contains a brief description of Highport and its coasts and cave systems, as well as a cursed family crypt. It has a table for the tides.

The plot revolves around helping clear an escape route for slaves to flee Highport, and is intended to take place between A0: Danger at Darkshelf Quarry and A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity, but is noted that it can stand alone. The module requires players to consider how to blend in and offers diplomatic solutions to encounters.


"Evil slavers have taken Highport, and getting in and out of town undetected will be no simple matter. This 1st Edition AD&D adventure for characters of levels 3-5 includes a 4th Edition D&D conversion appendix."



  • Ben Wootten: Giant Eel(p.2)
  • Christopher Burdett: Shrieker Patch (p.11)


  • Mikaro Valasteen- Cleric of Trithereon. Freedom fighter who aims to free the slaves of Highport.He acts as quest giver, requiring the Player Characters to help him continue liberating slaves.(p.2-3,15)


  • Ant, Giant (p.11)
  • Beetle, Giant(p.11)
  • Centipede, Giant (p.11)
  • Crab, Giant (p.6)
  • Eel, Giant (p.9)
  • Floating Eye (p.8)
  • Goblin (p.2,5)
  • Gnoll (p.2,4-5)
  • Half-orc(p.5)
  • Hippogriff (p.6,8)
  • Human(p.2-5)
  • Kobold(p.2,5)
  • Lizard, Subterranean(p.12)
  • Ochre Jelly(p.14)
  • Ogre(p.2,5)
  • Orc(p.2,5)
  • Piercer(p.11)
  • Shrieker (subsonic)(p.11)
  • Skeleton(p.15)
  • Sting Ray (p.9)
  • Stirges (p.10)
  • Strangle Weed(p.8)
  • Troglodyte(p.10-13)
  • Water Weird (p.12)
  • Wraith(p.15)
  • Yellow Mold (p.14)


  • Pomarj
    • Highport
      • High City
  • Wooly Bay

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