Krestible is a major city in the nation of Perrenland. It is located (appropriately enough) in the Canton of Krestible and is the capital of the region. The city has a population of 7300 people (primarily from the Hussen, Rosrijder and Weisspeer clans). The mayor is Ust Rondhuis of Clan Rosrijder.

Originally, Krestible was a site for clans to gather and trade, but transformed into a permanent and important settlement centuries ago. It is the home of the premier horse market in Perrenland, and sits astride the Krestingstrek, the trade route from Perrenland to Ket, that travels through Wyrm's Tail Pass.

Krestible is spread across three levels - the lowlands, the plateau and the crags. The wealthier citizens and the well-born live in the original, upper city, which is built on the plateau and surrounded by strong walls. The buildings of the upper city are mostly quarried stone and slate. The buildings of the lower city are mostly baked brick. The lower city surrounds tends to be more lively and boisterous than the upper, though the folk upstairs know how to make a bit of noise when they want.

The Krestible Cup (The horse race that stops the nation) is held every year. A major music festival, the Green Festival (Das Grunfest) is held every four years.

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