Kelanen is of unknown race and origin, Kelanen is probably the most famous and popular hero-deity in the Flanaess. He is most often described as a fair-skinned man with a silvery scar on the right side of his face.

Description Edit

Kelanen is traditionally depicted as a fair-skinned human male bearing a silvery scar on the right side of his face, though he can appear in any humanoid form. His true form is slender and sinewy, just under six feet in height. He wears elfin chain mail and prefers garments of gray or blue-gray, wearing ornaments of silver or platinum.

Kelanen is always accompanied by his intelligent swords, Swiftdoom and Sureguard.

Relationships Edit

Kelanen temporarily allied himself with Zagig Yragerne, Keoghtom, Heward, and Murlynd in order to bind Iuz beneath Castle Greyhawk, and therefore bears Iuz's eternal enmity. Kelanen has no real friends or confidants, however, apart from his swords.

Temples Edit

The Chapterhouse of the Star is the headquarters of the Order of the Star in Istivin. Most were slain defending the city against giants, and it is currently under the charge of the aged swordsman Baldram, who has been training a new generation to replace the old.

A temple to Kelanen once existed in Elredd, but it was destroyed by followers of Turrosh Mak. Wrathful at this affront, Kelanen has dispatched his priestess Fina Fen Kela to rid Elredd of Turrosh Mak's humanoids and rebuild his temple. Kelanen views Turrosh Mak's hordes as an unbalancing presence on the Wild Coast.

Clergy Edit

Kelanen's priests are forbidden from using any weapon that isn't classified as some sort of sword (including falchions, rapiers, scimitars, and two-bladed swords), dagger, or crossbow. The vast majority of his priests are neutral, for those with adherence to any other alignment are seen as having no regard for his teachings.

Priests of Kelanen practice their sword skills assiduously and spend much of their time teaching others. They work to support the cosmic Balance, making temporary alliances with groups of every alignment and breaking the alliances when they are no longer perceived as being needed.