Karl Hussen is the eldest son of Franz and Karla Hussen.

Karl Hussen was born in 560 CY to the former Voormann Franz Hussen and the (current) Pfalzgraf Karla Hussen. Karl earned himself notable military experience after spending three years abroad as a mercenary and six years prior to this as a soldier in the Auszug. When he returned to Perrenland he was quickly noted for his intelligence and demonstrated bravery.

More recently, Karl announced his candidacy for the position of Voormann following his successful elimination of a large goblinoid warband that had been raiding caravans along the Krestingstrek. He has spoken out against the tepid rule of the current Voormann, Karenin Weisspeer and is seen favourably by others who favour swift action over careful deliberation. Unsurprisingly, most of his supporters are fellow members of the Hussen clan, although his flare for public speaking is earning him growing support among Perrenders of all clans.