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Karenin Weisspeer is the elected Voormann of Perrenland, Uberauszegan of the Auszug and former Pfalzgraf of Clan Weisspeer.


As a young man, Karenin saw service in foreign climes as a mercenary. Upon his return he served in a relatively small national army, now as a decorated veteran and quickly moved up through the ranks. He took up the role of Pfalzgraf after the death of his mother before setting his sights on the position of Voormann.

The 58 year old man was elected into office in 584 CY after the disastrous foreign policies of the previous Voormann, Franz Hussen, that led to a non-aggression pact being signed with Iuz. Swept up by popular support, Karenin has proven an able administrator and a keen supporter of the local military, which has been enlarged and strengthened during his time in office.

However, Karenin has proven to be something of a disappointment as Voormann. He has maintained a conciliatory attitude to the Concatenated Council, yet has become perceived as too conciliatory. By attempting to maintain an agreeable relationship with the council members he has instead alienated several of them because of his 'wishy-washy' attitude. Furthermore, expectations that he would take up arms against Iuz were dashed.

Known Relatives

He is married to Greta Vosser-Weisspeer and has two daughters, Hanne Weisspeer and Sophia Weisspeer.