Iggvuurz was a powerful servant of Nerull in the Ur-Flannae empire of Jor-Russ in (what is now) Perrenland.

In these ancient times, she was second only to Oomkar Hus in power and prestige. At some point, however, she abandoned her faith and took up the worship of demons. She abadoned Jor-Russ and set up the rival kingdom of Kir-Russ.

She believed that there may be a way to create a demi-god, birthed from a witch mother and a demon-lord father, and preached this blasphemous ideology in her city.

She was eventually defeated by a combined force of Ur-Flan and Flan people who had united under the Shrine Alliance to destroy her. Although Kir-Russ was indeed destroyed and she herself defeated, she was imprisoned in the shadow plane rather than slain (for reasons lost to history).

Despite her imprisonment, she eventually brought the shadowy realm under her control and even managed to manipulate time and space to her liking. She eventually had a daughter, the terrible witch Iggwilv.

Known Offspring Edit