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Clan Hüssen:

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This Hooglander (highlander) clan originates in the south-western region of Perrenland, in the vales and alpine meadows of the Yatils. Over time they spread down onto the western reaches of the Feronwold. In the past the Hüssen clan tended to look to their own affairs, to the degree where the other clans mostly ignored them and went about their own business. In recent times this attitude of the other clans has tended to prevail – unfortunately the Hüssen have a newfound interest in involvement in affairs of the nation and this has led to a feeling of resentment on the part of the clan, who feel that they are being deliberately left out.

The Hüssens are an old, powerful Clan with strong Flan roots. They have occupied the southwestern areas of the Yatil mountains in Perrenland since before written history began in Perrenland. Their lands are now mostly in the Cantons of Krestible and Huglerote. The Hüssens are one of Perrenland’s more traditional clans, and some of its members still practice headhunting as a form of trophy taking. The Hüssens have a recent history of hostility and occasional open conflict with the Weisspeers, whom they view as usurpers of portions of Krestible Canton and sometimes refer to as a mere Vosser sept grown too big for its own boots. The fact that the Weisspeers led the ousting of Voormann Franz Hüssen in 584 CY has caused increased tensions in some quarters recently. Rosridjers have a long history of teasing Hüssens for no good reason and this is resented by the Hüssen clan. The Hüssens have occasional alliances with the Môrgenroods of Yattenheid and Hugelrote and get along with Vuurzwards.

Clan colours are Brown and Red.

Some well-known Hussens include: