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Hohle is a town located in the Canton of Nederboden in the nation of Perrenland. It has a population of roughly 2200 people.

The last town along the river network of the Vestflow, Hohle is named after the dwarven hold that the town grew from.

Originally an iron mine, the town has since also stumbled across large deposits of copper, silver and gems. Rather than ship the ore outright, the local smiths guild have constructed a smelter and the ore is first smelted or made into items prior to shipping.

As a secondary resource and left over from the ancient dwarven residence, Fuberg also grows a rare mushroom which has become a delicacy in the towns and cities of Perrenland. These mushrooms are grown underground in special chambers under the care of dwarven farmers guided by a dwarven Druid of such age she is rumoured to be the earth mothers daughter.

Notable Locations[]

  • Vestflow
  • Fuberg