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Greta Vosser-Weisspeer is the daughter of the ruling Vosser family, Greta is a soft-spoken woman who was betrothed to Karenin Weisspeer on her sixteenth birthday. She married him two years later.

Despite her quiet ways, Greta is a woman of strong morals and iron will, and has been the real steel in the backbone of the family.

She accepted her husband's absences with patience and raised her two daughters, Hanne Weisspeer and Sofia Weisspeer, within the Weisspeer clan. Her children have inherited her good looks and (notably Hanne) her steely resolve.

Her decision to combine her family name with her husband's clan name has proven popular with Vosser clan members and appears to be quite a fashionable statement. Her position and character has been quite beneficial to Vosser-Weisspeer relations.