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Franz Hussen is a former political leader in the nation of Perrenland. He was b orn in 544 CY to Clan Hussen and married Karla Hussen upon reaching adulthood. His first child, Karl Hussen, was born soon after.

He gained the position of Hintervoormann and Voorstammann and then, at the age of 32, gathered enough support to be elected to the position of Voormann in 576 CY. His rise to the highest position in Perrenland was a huge boon for the Hussen clan.

Unfortunately, Franz's leadership coincided with the outbreak of the Greyhawk Wars. Feeling unprepared for the looming conflict, Franz signed a non-aggression treaty with Iuz's diplomats, thus sparing Perrender troops from the war.

Although the move seemed politically expedient at the time, the treaty was highly unpopular with most Perrenlanders. Indeed, formerly friendly neighbouring nations condemned the move which tarnished Perrenland's reputation abroad. To worsen matters, the government approved mercenaries to be offered to Iuz in the growing conflict. Thankfully, this move was universally reviled and not a single Perrenland soldier offered to fight under Iuz's banner at any price.

His reputation in tatters, Franz was crushed in the election of 584 CY by Karenin Weisspeer. Although his controvesial policies were certainly the primary cause for this defeat, some Hussen's feel that the Weisspeer clan conducted an unfair smear campaign against Franz in the weeks leading up to the election. This perceived slight has been a point of contention between Hussens and Weisspeers ever since.

In the same year of him being ousted from office, Franz was famously rejected by his own Cantonal Council of Nederboden as a candidate for re-election. Humiliated again, he quickly resigned his positions as Hintervoormann and Voorstammann, passing the mantle of both positions to his wife, Karla Hussen (although the position of Hintervoormann was later taken up by her brother, Ohan Eldebraandt). A broken man, Franz never returned to politics.

Since that time, Franz's mental health deteriorated to the point where he has become a broken and dementia-plagued man. He continues to be be cared for by his wife.