The Flan are an ethnic group of humans.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Pure Flan have bronze skin that varies from a light copper hue to a dark, deep brown. Flan eyes are typically dark brown, black, brown, or amber. Hair is wavy, curly and typically black or brown (or any shade between). The Flan have broad, strong faces and sturdy builds.

History Edit

The Flanaess was named after the Flan people, as they had inhabited the continent before any other human group arrived. Although evidence exists that they once had settled nations, those vanished long ago. The Flan had been a nomadic people for many centuries when they were displaced by Suloise and Oeridian invaders.

Culture Edit

The Flan have always been strongly tied to the natural world as they were nomadic hunter-gatherers for much of their prehistory. They tend to have a deep respect for nature and this is reflected in their myths, legends, and culture. Modern Flan still have a preference for the outdoors and city-dwellers often tend personal gardens.