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The Feronwold is a grassland plain in the nation of Perrenland.

It formed above the bowl of the southern Yatils, and paralleling the shore of Lake Quag in the west. This territory is ideal horse breeding country and many of Perrenland's famous horse breeders are based here, especially around Krestible and Schwartzenbruin. Not surprisingly, Clan Rosridjer is most likely to be found in this area.

The Feronwold extends west from the Quag Quay, south and west to Krestible, and ends before Exag and the Mounds of Dawn. Although the Feronwold appears to be good farming country, it is too dry during summer and too exposed during winter to support many people. Because of this the area is thinly populated, with the majority of Perrenlanders living instead in the more sheltered mountain valleys to the west, east and south.