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Diamond Lake[1] is a small mining community in the Cairn Hills east of the Free City of Greyhawk. Its roughly a 3 days ride along the High Trail.


Most residents in Diamond Lake are either people that have nowhere else to turn and the rest are people who exploit such miserable souls. It's a dark, gritty and violent town centered on mining and the entertainment of the workers.


The town is nestled into the rocky crags of the Cairn Hills on the shore of Diamond Lake. The oldest buildings are gathered near the lake shore while the town social classes is centered around the town square. The main road is called the Vein and bisects the town. Most of Diamond Lakes business is centered around the Vein and town square.

Trade & Trade Routes

Travel Distances from Diamond Lake




Politics in Diamond Lake

Religion in Diamond Lake

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Locations

Taverns & Inns


  • Diamond Lake General Store
  • Tidwoad's


  • Deepspike Mine
  • Dourstone Mine
  • Greysmere Covenant
  • Osgood Smithy
  • Smelting House

Temples & Religious Sites

  • Diamond Lake Chapel of Heironeous
  • Diamond Lake Church of St. Cuthbert
  • Diamond Lake Menhirs


  • Dourstone Residence
  • Gansworth Residence
  • Moonmeadow Residence
  • Neff Manor
  • Parrin Residence
  • Smenk Residence
  • Tilgast Residence

Other Notable Sites

  • Diamond Lake (lake)
  • Diamond Lake Boneyard
  • Diamond Lake Sheriff's Office
  • Diamond Lake Garrison
  • Old Observatory
  • Old Piers
  • The Bronzewood Lodge

Notable Items

  • Diamond Water Elixir
  • Diamond Water Ale (illict)
  • Kalamanthis (illict)
  • Miner's Milk (illict)