Den Zauber is the primary wizards guild of Perrenland.

This mage's guild (or High Guild) serves Perrenland in all matters arcane and promotes the sharing of arcane knowledge amongst its members. They tend to be a secretive order, preferring to conduct their business in private. Each member is given a hidden pin called a "Voorman's Tether".

Despite their insular nature, Den Zauber is a rigorous supporter of Perrenland and the Voormann. As part of the initiation process, new initiates must pledge allegiance to the Voormann in a secret assembly in Schwartzenbruin before the Voormann himself.

There are five tiers that a member can attain in the Order:

  • Opal Zauber
  • Ruby Zauber
  • Sapphire Zauber
  • Emerald Zauber
  • Diamond Zauber