The ruins of Dagovach are located on the east coast of Lake Quag in the Canton of Traft.

Dagovich is a former city of legend. Founded in distant pre-history, roughly -1600 CY, by a power priest of the Ur-Flan named Tassen Hussen. The city was built by the Ur-Flan and Khund (dwarves) from stone of black obsidian. According to legend, the citadel was built to channel great elemental energies from the surrounding mountains into an arcane gate, located deep within the Black Citadel.

This gate was used to call demons to the land in an event known as the Dark Treachery. According to dwarven records, other Ur-Flan city states were destroyed by demons. In addition, these demons, under the command of Tassen Hussen, terrorized and subjugated the disorganised tribesfolk in the neighbouring area for half a century. They eventually united when Hussen sequested himself in his chamber, focusing all his power in achieving lichdom. His apathy with the outside world led to the exodus of his enslaved family and kin.

Dagovich was destroyed by Tassen's dark patron in -1400 CY, punished for the high priest's failure and the inhabitant's lack of faith. Little is left now although the dungeons have survived to this day. However, the ruins are universally considered to be cursed and are avoided at all cost.