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The Canton of Yattenhied is a region in the north-west of Perrenland. It is a rugged land of great mountains and is one of the most dangerous regions, particularly due to its proximity to the Mounds of Dawn.

Urban Population in 590 CY (hamlets, villages, towns, cities): 20,000.

Rural Population in 590 CY (farmsteads, ranches, manors): 25,000. Hintervoormann (head of the Cantonal Council): the non-hereditary Voorstammann of the Morgenrood clan.

Apart from a small western portion of the Mounds of Dawn where the city of Exag lies, this canton consisted of the stretch of the Yatils that sweep north to meet the north-west arm of Lake Quag.

This region is particularly rich in copper, and many families of dwarves reside here, mining deep into the mountains. The people of the region are, for the most part, members of the Morgenrood clan, and have a reputation for being old-fashioned, ultraconservative, and very interested in matters military. In addition, they tend to be reserved and very clannish.

Those few folk that live on the coastal plains in the east of the canton are used to regular raids from the Tiger Nomads. These people accept such raids as a part of life and get on with laying ambushes and waiting to spring them. For their part, the nomads seem to accept their losses as part of the game and keep on coming back.


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