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The Canton of Traft is a region of Perrenland. The Hintervoormann is Orgus Bildger.

Traft Canton is limited by the northern shores of eastern Lake Quag and the meadows enclosed by the northern Clatspurs and the Sepia Uplands. The city of Traft is second only to Schwartzenbruin in size but is still less than half the population of the capital.

The citizens of the canton are mostly members of the Meerijder, Roodberg and Vuurzward clans, but folk from other clans have settled in the region, seeking new opportunities. The folk of this region tend to be hardworking and outgoing, willing to lend a hand to their neighbours. They do have a tendency to resent the superior attitudes of the city folk of Schwartzenbruin. Though Traft itself is a sizeable enough city, it has the air of a large country town, with the attitudes to match.

The citizens of Traft have a fair relationship with the gnomish communities that lie in the Sepia Uplands.


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