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The Canton of Schwartzenbruin is region of Perrenland. [Urban Pop: 65,000; Rural Pop: 18,000] The most common clan of the area is Rosridjer.

The canton of Schwartzenbruin consists of the eastern half of the Feronwold, running up to the southern half of Lake Quag's western shore. The vast bulk of the canton's population is centred in the city of Schwartzenbruin itself, with the remainder spread amongst lakeside villages and scattered homesteads on the Feronwold.

Being the capital and largest city of Perrenland, Schwartzenbruin is the major trade hub of the country, with goods sent via Lake Quag and along the Velverdyva River. With merchants travelling from as far as Greyhawk City and beyond, Schwartzenbruin City has a certain cosmopolitan air not found elsewhere in Perrenland. Residents of the city are proud of their urbane ways, though they have often been accused by their rural neighbours of "putting on airs".

The rural plainsmen of Schwartzenbruin, usually Rosrijder clansfolk, raise herds of fine horses which are trained and sold abroad as warhorses - those that are not claimed by the local mercenary bands. The residents of the canton are understandably proud of their beasts.

Schwartzenbruin holds biannual elections for the position of Hintervoormann.


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