The Canton of Quagfludt is a region in the nation of Perrenland. The Canton capital is Koetheim.

Urban Population in 590 CY (hamlets, villages, towns, cities): 30,000 Rural Population in 590 CY (farmsteads, ranches, manors): 25,000 Hintervoormann (head of the Cantonal Council): elected annually in the lowlands, has little authority in the Vosser highlands.

This region lies nestled between the cantons of Schwartzenbruin and Clatspurgen, and consists of the thin stretch of the Yatils that border the western side of the Velverdyva River and the southern portion of the meadows that are hemmed in by Lake Quag and the Clatspurs.

Quagfludt is going though something of a social division, as the lowlands tend to be where the nation's outcasts and ne'er-do-wells gather, whilst the highlands are home to more respectable Vosser clansfolk. While it could be argued that the Laaglanders of Quagfludt have less of a regard for laws than most other folk, calling them outright villains is rather unfair. On the other hand, Quagfludt lowlanders make sought after scouts. Entertainers and rogues congregate in the settlements that dot the meadows and lake shores of Quagfludt, and the Rhenee folk are more commonly found here than any other place in Perrenland.

Across the Velverdyva, however, folk are more law-abiding. In the west the Vosser clansfolk go about their business, little troubled by their lowlander fellows. A Vosser Hooglander usually cares little for the activities of the folk across the water. The few Laaglanders who have crossed the river to bring mischief are usually dealt with swiftly and firmly, as Vosser clansfolk are often less than subtle in making their opinions of such skullduggery known.

There remain valleys in the Yatils that bear the taint of the sorceress Iggwilv's reign. Though she is long gone, the taint of her evil lingers on. The locals know to avoid such places.

The Vosser clan is represented by their Voorstammann (non-hereditary Pfalzgraf), while the laaglanders annually elect the Hintervoormann (though considering the bribery and outright corruption involved in this, "elect" is a loose term).

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