Nederboden is a region within the nation of Perrenland. Its boundaries are the Vestflow River and the Oostflow River. The land between these two tributaries is some of the most fertile soil in all of Perrenland, thanks to by the spring floods and alluvial deposits. It is this distinction that has Perrenders refer to the canton as the “Kornkammer of Perrenland” (Granary). The Oostflow river is used as a highway for merchants to ferry goods from the mountains to the major coastal towns but the Vestflow River is considered dangerous for travel because of its proximity to the Mounds of Dawn.

The rolling plain between the rivers is a sea of at times shoulder length grass, called the Central Feronwald. By tact agreement this belongs to the Rosrijder clan who graze their herds of horses and “steward” the entire area protecting the large herds of migratory deer from over-hunting. For their part, the local farmers are content with their fertile river land and see no reason to encroach into this area.

Some farmers have actually begun to breed the migratory deer, ensuring that venison is available all year round without having to hunt for it. Travelers upon the Feronwald often marvel at being able to journey amidst herds of horses and deer, watched over by small groups of the nomadic Rosrijders. The three cities of Nederboden are Haigh, Riberlund and Nederquag, each has a population averaging around 4,000 to 5,000 people during any one time.

The Hintervoormann of the Canton is Ohan Eldebraandt, brother to the Pfalzgraf of Clan Hussen, Karla Hussen.

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