The Canton of Krestible is a region in the nation of Perrenland.

Urban Population in 590 CY (hamlets, villages, towns, cities): 23,000; Rural Population in 590 CY (farmsteads, ranches, manors): 37,000 Hintervoormann (head of the Cantonal Council): rotates annually between the Hussen, Rosridjer and Weisspeer clans, elected by members of the clan.

The Canton of Krestible has the greatest degree of variety of any of the cantons and this is reflected in its social dynamics. Three clans make up the population of the canton, Clan Hussen, Rosrijder and Weisspeer - each of which has its own unique identity. In addition, as a major trade hub in Perrenland, Krestible has been exposed to many foreign influences. This serves to make it a region of contrasts. The Rosrijder and Weisspeer clans argue over their horses and the Hussen clan members clamour to be noticed.

Sitting as they do on the Krestingstrek, the most likely path of invasion from Ket (which has previously made plain its interest in annexing Perrenland) the folk of Krestible are vigilant and militant. Perrenland has a strong military presence in this canton and the city proper is well defended. The 4th Auszugen, called the First Strike, is stationed in Krestible and has a well earned reputation for their fierce assaults on their enemy,.

The canton rotates the position of Hintervoormann amongst the three clans on a yearly basis, each of which elects one of its members to the position when it is their turn. This leads to a changeable and lively political atmosphere where there is always an amount of 'lobbying' going on at any given time.

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